YO! Sushi is opening in Glasgow – what can you expect?

June 19, 2017

Our prayers have been answered – and they come with a healthy serving of duck gyoza.

YO! Sushi is heading to Glasgow this month, and it’s so much earlier than I anticipated it to be.

Living on the west coast, travelling through to Edinburgh is bloody tiring. More than two hours on a stuffy train or freezing bus just isn’t how I picture spending my weekends, even if it is to see cool people or eat tasty food.

But I guess, it’s always worth it when the night ends with an eye-level mountain of small, colourful plates piled up at the edge of a table in YO!Sushi.  I visited for the first time in May, and haven’t been able to stop thinking about it since.

Those train journeys are no more – now it’s finally my turn to force my Edinburgh pals to make the journey into Glasgow for some sushi rolls.

YO!’s Glasgow Central branch will (hopefully) open to the public in just ten days – June 29, people!


What’s the building like?


If you’ve frequented Buchanan Street recently, you’ll see that just around the corner from Paperchase and New Look, there is an empty building.

It’s dark, mysterious, and a little brooding in all honesty. But the massive orange lettering on the outside is just a sight for sore eyes.

The new branch, which has ditched the “Sushi” part of its name (I mean come on, surely we don’t need it), sits on West George Street in Glasgow – right at the heart of the city. It takes over from the old Pizza Hut site, and as much as I love pizza, I definitely approve of the move.

The outside of the building is looking fantastic. It’s right at the bottom of a beautifully ornate building, with a signature Glasgow style. They’ve adopted a black colour scheme, with their traditional logo (save the last word) branded across its face. The massive windows mean the inside is going to look so beautifully bright and airy, meaning the best lighting for those insta-worthy sushi pics.

The inside dons the legendary Kaiten belt, which will frame the central theatre kitchen and snake around the entire restaurant, allowing customers to grab the fresh dishes from every seat.

An Origami-inspired ceiling will hang over customers, and comfy bar stools will complete their signature look. One of my favourite YO! features has definitely got to be the taps at each place setting – the amount of times I’ve eaten something that’s a tad too spicy is just unreal.


But what about the food?


Ah yes, the most important part of any YO! outing – the amount of sushi rolls and gyoza you can fit in your mouth before you explode.

Foodies can expect their old favourites from the classic menu, but get to enjoy an entirely new selection of curated dishes at their Glasgow Central branch – Katsu Curry, Ramen & Miso, Yakisoba, Chahan, Teriyaki, Gyoza and Tempura, and delicious hand made cold Nigiri, Temaki, Sashimi, Rolls and Fresh Salads will all be making an appearance.

Just as I finished that list, my stomach just growled. My workmates are now staring at me.

And what’s more, in keeping with Glasgow’s ‘UK’s Most Vegan Friendly City’ status, there are 16 vegan and 33 vegetarian dishes on the menu.

Commenting on the opening of Glasgow Central, YO! CEO, Robin Rowland OBE said,

We are thrilled to confirm YO! is returning to Glasgow city centre.“

“More details will be revealed very soon but YO! fans can expect to enjoy exciting new food offerings, as well as all their popular favourites, enjoyed off YO!’s legendary signature conveyor belt, and set against a cutting-edge restaurant interior.

“YO! Glasgow Central will be a fitting statement for a city we have a fantastic history with, and we can’t wait to open our doors to customers on the 29th of June.


Are you heading along to the new Glasgow branch when it opens?


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