May favourites: Jack Daniels, bullet journals and Fantastic Beasts

June 1, 2017


Although the hot weather has slightly subdued, my hands are still sweating.

May has been an awfully warm month – a boiling 28 degrees hit Glasgow and the west, and I’m fairly certain I spent the majority of the last four weeks lying in a heap on my bed in a sweltering puddle. Not a pretty sight.

But despite the uncomfortable temperatures and my burning retinas, May has been aMAYzing (I’m sorry).

Friend dates were definitely a highlight of the last few weeks – meeting up wth CommonSpace film critic Scott Wilson, my buddies Kirsten and Burrell, and reconciling with old friends from secondary school has been amazing.

I broke a personal record, and published 189 articles for STV this month – although it doesn’t seem like a lot, my reeling head and tired fingers are saying otherwise!

I confirmed an exciting new partnership with STA Travel, wherein I am now a contributor to their travel and education blog. I was also invited to my first event as a blogger which is super exciting.

Unfortunately, I can’t attend the event – my sister was admitted to hospital on Tuesday after suffering immense bouts of pain in her stomach. It happens often, but this time seems a whole lot worse than before, so the hospital have decided to keep her in for a few days. I haven’t been sleeping much, what with visiting her until 11pm and waking up at 6am for work. But the care she has been receiving in the hospital is amazing – the staff are on call 24/7, and never fail to bring her or myself a steaming cup of tea to calm our nerves.

When my sister cried out because she was scared to be left alone during the night, they were beside her in an instant with reassuring words and distracting happiness. They’ve also been taking care of my mum, who is giving up her days to stay beside Theresa’s hospital bed – they’re keeping her fed when she forgets to eat, and watching over Theresa when she needs to stretch her legs. They’ve been truly wonderful.

Month memories


Eating out


This month has been brilliant for stuffing my face. I’d originally planned to do an entirely separate post about a few of these venues, but decided that my full and portruding stomach was in the way of my keyboard (AKA, I was too lazy).

At the beginning of the month, I met up with Burrell and Kirst to take my TGI Friday’s virginity – and holy shit. If my memory serves me right, I elected for some sort of chicken burger, fries and slaw with a little dish of heaven – Jack Daniel’s sauce. It was insane – a sweet, sticky and tangy concoction all bundled into one little tub of joy. Oh, and I think I also got my first roast on Twitter by a company:

I also visited Glasgow’s newest gourmet tea store, T2 – I cannot recommend paying this little store a visit. Every clerk was quick to assure me that before I even thought about buying something, I simply had to taste it first to make sure it was perfect. The atmosphere was warm, friendly and, most importantly, completely encased in the gorgeous smell of freshly brewed tea. I wrote a pretty snazzy review on it too.

A classic trip to Spoons was on the cards too, which brought more Jack Daniel’s sauce and entirely too much ice cream with old school friends. So yeah – cheers, May, I’ve put on 50 pounds.


Bullet journalling


If you’ve been keeping across my social media, you’ll notice that I’ve been cracking out my coloured pens and pastel highlighters more than usual. I finally decided to cave in to a long-time desire of mine, and begin bullet journalling. I started in the second week in May, and I haven’t been able to put my pens down since. My parents have started to write down the weird shit I’ve come out with recently: “Where are my ice cream stickers?” and “Do NOT use my light purple spotted mounting paper if you want to live, Dad,” are some of their favourite phrases so far.

Bullet journal

Thinking of colour schemes and different title layouts is forcing me to destress and put more thought and attention into little things. Where work and family things would be putting me into a right rager, I’ve found bulletting to be the most beautiful form of therapy. Being able to write down weekly and monthly goals, daily to-do lists and daily achievements makes me feel like my life is truly headed in the right direction.

I would absolutely love to do a post on my crafty adventure, butI’m waiting for a few more weeks when I have more layouts and wisdom underneath my belt. But in the meantime, my Instagram and Twitter are just bursting with pictures of my latest entries (plus, it gives you an insight into my daily musings and routines, if you wanna be a bit creepy).




So amidst work, journalling and general sleeping, I’ve obviously found time to curl up in front of the television with a mug of hot tea and a fair few digestives. Riverdale has been top of the agenda, and my heart absolutely broke when I watched the season finale. But at the time I thought to myself: surely it’s not to last – the next season will be just around the corner! WRONG.

In my naivety, I completely overlooked the fact that KJ Apa and co haven’t even started filming yet – we aren’t due another season of Riverdale for AT LEAST another year. Yes, you’re allowed to cry.

In the meantime, applications are open for the post of ‘Riverdale re-watch and chat buddy’. I desperately need somebody to watch Riverdale with all over again simultaneously and cry over Jughead’s emo-ness and Veronica’s eyebrows.

May fav

Moving into a different genre, I’ve completely reverted back to my 14-year-old anime-loving phase. The new season of Attack on Titan, the best show of my younger years, has begun airing weekly on Crunchyroll and I’m not gonna lie, I’m in love. It’s gripping, telling and the story-line is just insane.




I class myself as a pretty big Harry Potter fan. In fact, I’d consider myself one of the biggest. And yet I have to admit – I only just watched Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them last week. I had read the textbook its based on, of course – I bought it years ago during Comic Relief along with the Tales of Beedle the Bard and Quidditch Through the Ages. But I had yet to find the time to sit and watch JK Rowling’s latest work.

In all honesty, I was scared to watch it – after the collosal disappointment of The Cursed Child, I wasn’t quite ready to ruin my favourite aspect of the Harry Potter universe: the magical creatures. When I was younger, I loved to read about the dragons and bowtruckles and tiny nifflers that love anything shiny, and imagine just living in a world where these creatures roamed free. And as soon as I clicked onto Fantastic Beasts, I knew it was going to be something pretty magical.

May fav

Eddie Redmayne in all his cuteness portrayed the fantastic character of Newt Scamander (and I also realised that I’ve been pronouncing his surname wrong – oops). But while the adorable Hufflepuff was sprinting around after aroused hippo creatures and invisible fluffy monsters, a much darker, deeper plot was unravelling itself.

Ezra Miller’s portrayal of Credence Barebone is something I doubt  will ever forget – his eyes, always full of life and sparkles at every public event, were hauntingly beautiful, as though he was born to play this very character. If you haven’t watched it yet (who am I kidding – I’m probably the last one) then I would definitely recommend taking the time to see it. In fact, I may have to go back for seconds.

I also watched Beauty and the Beast this month, and in all its amazingness, I did find it surprisingly average. I really didn’t like the animated objects – obviously I knew they would have to be CGI enhanced, but I thought they definitely lacked the characteristics and personality of the original film.


Recently reading


I’m not even gonna touch on the different scandals affecting the blogging community right now, but instead focus on some of the AMAZING content that has come from some of my favourite bloggers this month.

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How about next month?


Next month, I’m hoping to devote more time to organisation. I want to keep up with my bullet journal, and try to stick to a habit planner for the month to record my different routines. I also really want to sort out my room with some new lights, candles and bedding – recently, I’ve just been letting it get into a complete state in my haste to get out the house.

I also want to work on my blog more. Last month, I did a really quick redesign to help freshen it up, but I’ve noticed that I haven’t been posting even one blog post every week. I’m hoping that by using my bullet journal, I’ll be able to stay on track with my posts.

Next month also sees the beginning of a partnership with STA Travel – I’ll let you know when my first post goes live!


As always, thanks for reading – what have you enjoyed from this month?


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