March favourites: Riverdale, Milky Chance and blue shoes

March 31, 2017

This month has been absolutely insane.

In all honesty, it completely crept up on me – here I was thinking that Christmas was just a few days ago and Valentine’s Day was just around around the corner. Wrong. But so many amazing things happened this month – I got accepted onto my dream university course – Multimedia journalism at Glasgow Caledonian, I reached over 350 followers on Twitter (which isn’t much, but I only really started tweeting in February so), and I got an amazing new position at work that no one really knows about yet. I’m happy!

I thought I’d pull together some of my favourite things from this month – hopefully, if I’m not too lazy, I’ll make this a monthly thing.


If I’m ever out shopping with my mum, you can always catch me in the stationery section, checking out the funky-shaped post-it notes and the spiral-bound notebooks. I don’t have time for all that food shopping nonsense.

But one day, on a warm afternoon in my local Sainsbury’s, instead of staring glassy-eyed at the million different colours of fine liner pens, I ventured upstairs to the dreaded clothing department.

I’ve only recently started getting into wearing anything other than black band tees and skinny jeans, so I’m pretty new to this whole ‘care about how you look’ thing. But one thing that I seriously cannot get over is my recent shoe purchase. I mean, just look at them.

Originally priced at an amazing £16, I happened upon them in the midst of a clothing-wide 25% off sale in Sainsbury’s, and so managed to snag my beautiful pair for just £10. And I haven’t had them off since.

The picture doesn’t do them justice – their a gorgeous dark blue, with a suede brogue front and a shiny side. They’re more comfortable than you might expect, although I would defo recommend wearing some invisible socks with them. I have abnormally large feet for a 5ft 5 girl – I’m a size 8 and a half, and counting. And whilst these shoes don’t make my feet look any smaller, they certainly make them look a whole lot better. They come to a point, something that I’ve never really liked before, and make them look so super slim I hardly even recognise them. The tongue also starts a lot further down than I’m used to, which really show off my ankles – I just love them.





This month, it’s been all about SUSHI. I’m a massive fish person – lunchtime usually brings with it a mean tuna salad or a smoked salmon sandwich, and Friday is always fish night in the house, usually haddock or cod served with some thick cut chips and some fresh garden peas. Mhm.

So when my friend Ross told me to come to Edinburgh for sushi, I really couldn’t say no. We went to a fantastic placed called Yo Sushi! and legit, I was in heaven. Apparently on Mondays they have an amazing deal where most of the dishes are only £2,80 each (!!!) and you get unlimited water – score. My favourite dish BY FAR was the Salmon & Avocado Tamaki. I really wish I had stopped to take a pic before I munched it, but it looked too good to wait. To put it technically, it was ‘Salmon, avocado, mayo and toasted seasame seeds in a nori rice cone’. In my language – fucking delicious. 








Without a doubt, my most favourite place of the month is the Isle of Arran. I’ve been over quite a few times to visit my sister and the entire island has lit up for spring. Lambs are bounding around, daffodils are clinging to the hillsides and the sun is just fantastic.

I got to see my first ever herd of stag – there were about 15 of them, a lot of them very very young, and they were absolutely beautiful. I was in the north of the island in a beautiful village called Lochranza just 30 minutes and 14 miles away from the ferry terminal by car. The journey itself was breathtaking – riding over spiralling roads and towering hills, only to stop several times to let the resident sheep make their slow way across the tiny strip of gravel. I journeyed in the early morning, and the sun had just decided to poke its head over the mountains, illuminating the snow-capped tops and cascading fields.

At the beginning of the month, I took a trip to the Isle of Arran Distillery and wrote a little review about my amazing time there.



Riverdale: NOT MINE
Jughead and Archie from Den of Geek

In my short life, I’ve always tried to make time for my favourite television shows. Whether it’s a cheeky re-watch of BBC’s Merlin (I’m still in love, okay?) or a hardcore binge of the latest season of Game of Thrones, I just love curling up in my bed with a hot chocolate and some brutal viewing. Heaven.

But this month I seem to have steered away from young wizards and incestuous romances (ikr? strange). This month I’ve become absolutely OBSESSED with Riverdale. At first, I stared at the trailer and saw a Sprouse twin, and couldn’t tell if I was yay or nay. I know him from my countless childhood years spent drooling over the twins in the Suite Life of Zack and Cody, and wasn’t sure if I was ready to see him all grown up. But that view was quickly contested when I started watching Riverdale.

It’s an absolutely perfect combination of crime, romance and angst – really what gets me going on a Friday night. I usually chat about it on my Twitter each week with other fans – you should totally join in.




I mentioned her further up in this post, but I have to dedicate this segment to the amazing Chloe Burrell.
Imma tell you a story. Last year, I went to see my most favourite artist Tom Odell. I managed to snag a space right at the front where I could feel his soft blue blazer and could almost (unfortunately not quite) feel the sweat on his hand. Yeah. Anyway. So while I was at the front of this fantastic set, I got my picture taken with my sister and a giant sign telling everyone how big a fan I was (as if anyone needed further confirmation – I’m pretty sure I wet myself when he came on stage).

Anyway, fast forward three months later. I’m at an incredibly tense interview for Glasgow Caledonian University – the people all seem wayyy smarter than me. They’re all wearing suits and heels whereas I’m strolling in in an old faded Primark jumper and kicked converse. Oops. Anyway, I went through that interview speaking very little to anybody, and it wasn’t until around a month later that I started properly talking to a girl that I’d met there – enter Burrell.

So where does Tom Odell come into this? Legit around a month ago, Burrell unashamedly stalked my Facebook profile and noticed something quite strange – she was in the background of my Tom Odell pic.

It looks like we’re destined to be buddies – she’s been subjected to my drunken snaps, my stressing about uni and my overuse of caps lock and star emojis. Her sense of style is absolutely beautiful, and I don’t think I’ll ever get over the shape of her natural brows. Gorg.

She’s an aspiring journo and loves music – check out her Twitter and blog to get to know her. She’s just amazing.


This month has really been focused on writing, what with starting this blog and doing TONS of cute stories for STV.  Because of this, I’ve completely tailored my Spotify playlists to help me generate ideas and get those creative juices flowing (I’ll never say that again, I promise).

I could go on all day about this month’s playlist (hey, maybe I’ll write about it later this week). But to sum it up, I’ve become completely OBSESSED with Milky Chance’s “Cocoon” after my music-blogger pal Chloe Burrell from the SomeDreamyGirl blog recommended him to me. I reckon I’d only ever heard his track “Stolen Dance” before, but his latest album is just something else.

I’ve also been loving Jeff Krolick’s piano cover of ‘Under the sea’ – I’ve been playing piano since I was about five years old, but recently haven’t had the time or motivation to even go near the keys. And yet, after listening to this song just one time, I’ve already began learning two new tracks and am practising more than I have been in years. So defo give it a listen. Actually, I’ll shove the link below so you can listen. It’s just magical.


So that’s just a few of my favourite things from this month – what are yours? Are you a fan of Riverdale? Let me know in the comments!


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