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Planning a summer holiday? Your guide to travel insurance

June 9, 2017
When I book a holiday, the only thing I’m concerned about is packing enough clothes to last me a lifetime.

Up until now, I’ve never had to concern myself with anything else – I always conveniently leave that up to my parents. But now that I’m older, it’s finally time for me to start doing all the behind-the-scenes extras.

Like sorting out travel insurance.

I caught up with the experts at STA Travel Education, the world’s largest company for teachers, students and young people who want to travel the world. They have over 30 years’ experience in organised adventures, so who better to chat to about insurance?

insurance guide

Is travel calling you and your mates this summer? Be prepared!

Endless checklists, splashing out on the latest holiday wear and last minute purchases of that all-important sun cream – love it, or hate it, preparing for your trip is essential.

If you don’t want to find yourself of the wrong side of a medical bill while you’re abroad, then purchasing insurance is vital. With so many different options around, cover can be confusing!

We spoke to our Group Travel experts to get the lowdown on which travel insurance policies you should be purchasing before your trip.

Group insurance

Hopping over to Amsterdam with your flat mates this summer? Or heading out to Spain with your society? Making sure everyone is covered isn’t always easy, that’s where group policies come in. Cover everyone under one Group Travel Insurance Policy to take advantage of discounts that you might not normally get with single traveller policies.


Single trip cover

Single trip policies usually come with two options, European or worldwide. Standard policies will usually include cover for medical expenses, lost or stolen passport and money, legal expenses and cancellation cover. Make sure you check if your policy covers any activities or has any optional extras, most policies just include basic cover, so always check before you go away.


Annual cover

Say yes to spending every other weekend out of the country! Annual cover is perfect for avid travellers. If you are planning on multiple getaways in one year, this is the smart choice. An annual policy could save you heaps of money, meaning more to spend while you’re away.


Winter sports cover

Get cover that can keep up with you on the slopes. Winter sports cover can include things such as damage to ski equipment, piste and avalanche closure, medical expenses, and a variety of winter sports activities. So whether you’re heading out for the season or just a trip with your society, make sure you’ve got yourself covered.



With any insurance policy, it’s important that you have the best cover possible whilst you’re on the road. Before you sign, be sure to check that your policy offers 24/7/365 medical support, flexibility, cancellation cover, and any other activities or extras necessary whilst on your trip.


What’s best for me?

Whether you’re a group of newbies or nomads, make sure you know what is included in your policy. The hundreds of policies available on the market can be overwhelming, skip the middle man and go direct to bag yourself the best deal.


Massive thanks to the experts over at STA Travel Education – look out for next month’s contribution.

Did this help anyone with their travel plans? Have you got a better idea of the different help available?

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