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30 Day Blog Challenge | Personal

Day two: Where do I write?

June 2, 2017

Ah, day two of my 30-Day Blog Challenge and I’m already struggling… amazing.

I’m writing this on a train.

It’s 7:39am, the rain has covered my glasses and I forgot my umbrella. In my attempt to clean them, my vision has now just become a hazy mess. I only just made this train, which is considerably warmer than outside. I’m boiling – it doesn’t help that I’m sat next to the guy I make awkward eye contact with every morning.

But all that aside, this is where I write. With my legs crossed and my jacket discarded to the side, I’m usually found with my iPad on my lap and my tongue slightly out.
An old woman with a Sainsbury’s uniform once said that I type like my fingers are dancing – I suppose she’s right. I’ve been playing piano since I was eight years old, and it was from the techniques of chromatic scales and hours upon hours of learning The Entertainer that I later learned how to touch type.

My lunch breaks are usually steered towards writing as well. I really should use them as a way to get a screen break and enjoy some fresh air, but instead I edit the shite that I write on the train and make up some not-so-pretty graphics to go with them. I suppose this is the reason I’m not very consistent with uploading – my commute to Glasgow is a lot longer than my 20-minute ride to Ayr. By the time I pull my tablet from my bag, I hear the conductor saying that we are approaching the last stop. Okay, maybe not quite, but it certainly feels that way.

As for why I write, I’m not too sure.
At first, I created this blog so that I could put something else on my CV. But as soon as I started experimenting with colour schemes, themes and creating a 100-line long list of post ideas on my Evernote, I knew it was going to turn into something much more exciting.

I now write for me – I know I don’t have the largest social following, or the best photography skills. But the thrill I get from clicking the upload button every week is so exciting. I sometimes get private messages through Twitter asking why I call myself a lifestyle blogger when I only ever talk about myself. I’d be lying if I said that thought hadn’t occurred to me before. In all honesty, it was my original plan to go down a lifestyle route: healthy eating tips, dating advice, habit trackers etc. But I found that right now, that’s just not me. I’m only just finding my way about this whole blogging thing – I’m not quite ready to tie myself down to one category.


I kinda overwrote a little bit – these challenges are only supposed to be 200 words each. But there we have it! Day two of my 30-day blog challenge complete.

Where do you write? Why? Let me know!



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  1. Eh, I was under the impression that “lifestyle” was itself a catch-all term, so whoever has been sending you messages like that can dae one 😉 I’ve always said that my only niche is myself, and it’s served me fine so far…

    With you on the screen breaks: it’s tough when your day job is journalism and all your other things involve writing too! I make a point of going out for a walk at lunchtimes, at least around the block, to try to clear my head.


    1. I kinda thought that too! I’m so glad I’m not the only one – I thought I was completely misbranding myself!!

      I reeeally need to start going out on walks on my break. Might give it a go on Monday – thanks for reading! x

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