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Day seven: Describe your desk

June 7, 2017

Anyone who knows me knows that I pride myself in my stationery. Gadgets and gizmos aplenty, and all that.

It’s definitely high time I tell you all about my beautiful desk at work – I’m pretty proud.

My metallic desk tidy from Wilko is a real favourite of mine. It has three different compartments – one for pens, pencils, scissors and the likes, one for paperclips/bulldog clips and rubbers, and the other for notecards and sticky notes. It’s a hoarders dream.

At the moment, I have at least 20 different fineliners (most have run out of ink, but I simply do not have the heart to get rid of them. I’ve got two mechanical pencils that don’t have any lead yet – I promise I’ll refill them one day, okay? Loads of people in my office always used to ask me why on earth I had a pair of scissors with me. They proved a lot more popular than I originally thought, okay?

I was also known in the office for a while as ‘the girl with the star-shaped sticky notes’. I quite liked that nickname.

I also have a super cute poodle magazine file – it’s in the most gorgeous shade of pale blue, and has adorable little doggies all over it. I mean, I mainly use it to shove in miscellaneous files, but still. It makes me look organised.

Most of my desk is from Sainsbury’s beautiful selection of stationery – they have a rose gold/marble theme going right now, and their stuff is just to DIE for.

I also make sure to have notebooks on hand 24/7 – I’m the worst for just shoving my notes on random pieces of paper and losing them forever.

Recently, I’ve started bullet journalling, so a lot of my desk is taken up with stickers, highlighters and mountains of coloured card. I just can’t get enough of it.

I’ll definitely look at doing a more in-depth analysis of my desk inhabitants with better pictures soon!

How about your desk? Where’s your favourite place to get stationery from?

This was day seven of my 30-day blog challenge.


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