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Day four: Working with STV

June 4, 2017

I’m publishing this a little late in the day, but hey-ho.

This was one of the challenges I was most excited to write about. If you keep across my social media/even the occasional blog post, you’ll probably realise that I often account my lack of free time to the fact that I work a lot.

But although I might say this in a bad way, it really couldn’t be more of the opposite – I absolutely love what I do.

I’ve been working with STV News since September 2016. For the last two months I’ve been based in our brand new Ayr office in South Ayrshire, but for the majority of my time here I’ve been working in STV’s main building in Pacific Quay, Glasgow.

For technicalities sake, I am an apprentice. It’s what I applied to be, and what is written on my employment forms. But when I’m sat behind my own desk, complete with computer, desk tidy and my favourite cactus, I am as much an employee as everybody else.

I work from 9am till 5pm, but always try and get to the office at least half an hour early – just enough time for a coffee and some bloggy stuff. The commute isn’t too amazing; it involves a 10 minute walk, a 15 minute bus ride, a 25 minute train ride and another 15 minute walk. Safe to say, it gets a little tiring.

At the moment, I’m right at the forefront for our new channel, STV2. No, I’m not an anchor or a location reporter. But I am in charge of an entire section of our news bulletins. It’s up to me to scour for stories, press releases and interviews, and turn them into readable content, which is televised on our daytime shows. It’s super cool.

I also occasionally help out with the bulletin script-writing too, but I am not nearly as confident in my broadcast writing skills as I am articles.

However, I’ve only been doing this sort of work for around a month now. Before then, I was on the features team, where I would look for some of Scotland’s most inspiring and interesting people with amazing stories.

If you’re interesting in reading some of my work, my portfolio can be found here.

I’m really hoping to help out with this week’s election coverage – to have the opportunity to work in a news outlet while something as large as a General Election is going on is just insane!


Tell me about your day job! What do you do?

This was day four of my 30 day blog challenge.


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