I’m Elle – a sarcastic, cat-obsessed Scot living on the west coast of Scotland.

I started this blog at the end of 2016 with the sole intention of posting semi-decent pictures from my travels, but in two short months, this has completely changed. At first, I tried my hardest to be a health blogger, but I realised that I was wiping my hands on my jeans while writing down blog post ideas because of the Chinese food that was precariously dangling on my lap. Safe to say, that plan didn’t work out.

Instead, here I am, writing about things that I love to talk about and want to share with anybody that wants to listen. I love to write all things lifestyle, relationshippy, studenty and travel, with a wee bit of politics dabble in there somewhere for good measure.

I’m two years shy of 20 with an undying love for cute kitties and blue shoes. I’m never too far away from a warm buttered croissant, nor am I ever anywhere without my phone in hand ready to snap pictures of anything and everything. I love all things magical, with a particular proclivity for Harry Potter and Disney, with a fair splash of Marvel thrown in there for good measure. I’m usually found curled up in front of Netflix or throwing controllers at the television when Link loses ANOTHER heart. Ugh. I’m just tryna save the princess.

When I’m not writing rambling blog posts and snapping pictures of towering burgers, I work for a Scottish television firm in the middle of Glasgow. You can check out some of my work here.

I do have a tendency to be irrefutably lazy, but I will most definitely try to post as often as I can.


Speak soon!


Elle x


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